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Winter Solstice - Palos Verdes Yoga & Fitness

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Tony Khalife & Kim Wolff Gayatri Puja Ceremony.

Puja, or transcendent spiritual ritual, joyously and fully utilizes all of our senses to support and empower the shift from light to dark, fall to winter, outward focus to inward focus with grace and ease.

Palos Verdes Yoga and Fitness invites you to celebrate the Winter Solstice, a pivotal point in the sacred cycle of the changing seasons. For tens of thousands of years, the Winter Solstice has been a special time to celebrate renewal in our lives. Termed “The Day of the Unconquered Sun” by the Romans, Winter Solstice is an especially important occasion for us to plant the seeds that are a commitment to love, kindness, and compassion...not just for all living creatures, but for ourselves too.
The intention of this gathering is to awaken our interest in changing our lives from within. When we align ourselves with the ever-shifting rhythms of the natural world, we come into great harmony and balance within ourselves and with the world around us. By aligning time and space to intention, the Solstice becomes a powerful setting in which lasting transformation and conscious evolution can occur.
Space is very limited for this extraordinary event, so advanced registration through Palos Verdes Yoga and Fitness is highly recommended!

Lunada Bay Farm-to-Table Dinner Catered by Misty Kobiessi
Pre-Registration Required...$45 per Person