Weaving Of Skills In Life

Tony Khalife has been teaching music and healing arts in California for over 30 years. Tony was his own first teacher; having his childhood and formal education hijacked by a decade long civil war he taught himself guitar inside a bomb shelter. Tony says that the greatest gift he received from teaching himself the guitar was to cultivate a system that helped him to quickly learn and adopt anything. Tony has the inner personal ability to point to what blocks the student’s progress and craft the most efficient method to overcome these challenges. He teaches voice, guitar, Tabla, Bagua, and most of all he teaches how to translate and weave these skills in daily living.

Voice Coaching

  • Breath Control
  • Vocal agility
  • Range expansion
  • Accent reduction
  • Sanskrit
  • Devotional singing
  • Eastern inflections and phrasing

Sessions are 75 minutes.

Book 1 session $125

Book 5 sessions at $550